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The French Escape – Suzie Tullett

the french escape.jpg

After getting dumped by her husband on her wedding day, Felicity has become a bit of a recluse. Her mother, Brenda believes a change of scenery would do her daughter good and takes her daughter on a mother/daughter surprise trip to France. When they get there, Brenda takes her daughter to a chateau in Brittany that Felicity’s late father had planned to give her as a wedding present.

The chateau is a bit of a rundown and obviously in need of some repair. Felicity has to decide whether she wants to keep the Chateau and stay in France or put it on the market and move back to England. While in France, Felicity and her mother befriend townspeople. She also meets Nate, her taciturn neighbour, who seems distant and has an air of mystery surrounding him.

The French Escape was a quick and enjoyable read. The characters were likeable and I thought the story flowed well. Set against the autumnal backdrop of rural France, I loved the descriptions of the gorgeous scenery and food. I would recommend to anyone looking for a perfect holiday companion.

  • Pages: 254
  • Publisher: Bloodhound books (20 August 2018)