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Hot Pursuit – Rebecca Freeborn



Hot Pursuit centers on Sarah, a 30-year-old beauty therapist, whose boyfriend of two years suddenly bailed on her leaving her with the mortgage on their house. At Women’s Choice where she works, she wants more responsibilities but her boss has refused to give her more than her weekly beauty column. Besides, Sarah knows nothing about celebrities.

Following a tip-off from a friend at Law Enforcement, Sarah’s boss, Katrina asks her to look for journalists who would be willing to travel to Europe to cover a celebrity scandal. A musician is on the run after his band member is found dead. Turns out the celebrity in question is the same guy she met at a bar the weekend before. Desperate for this job and hopefully a career boost, she persuades her boss to let her do the story. Her boss finally gives in and sends her to Europe with Nick, her colleague and the magazine’s photographer.

We follow Sarah through her journey to Europe as they travel from Barcelona to Paris and Amsterdam following leads, their encounter with shady people, and even losing her personal effects—passport and laptop—following a hit-and-run.

Hot Pursuit is an entertaining novel, filled with interesting and quirky characters and an interesting storyline. Sarah as the main character was well developed and relatable. Nick was just plain annoying but I warmed up to him as the book progressed. Overall a good read, and I recommend.

  • Pages: 311
  • Publisher: Pantera Press (1 May 2018)