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We Build Our Homes – Laura Knowles


What a delightful picture book! We Build Our Homes is an informative book which gives insight on how animals and humans build their homes.

Animals include honeybees, trapdoor spiders, meerkats, termites, polar bears, chimpanzees and so on. With beautiful and colorful illustrations accompanying each story, these stories are long enough to pique a child’s interest in animals and their habitats. Highly recommend to children and animal lovers.

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: words & pictures ( 16 October 2018)

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How to Look and Feel Younger for Longer – Ellen Joubert


How to Look and Feel Younger for Longer is an informative read that includes detailed information and recommendations on skin care and ageing gracefully.

The book covers most aspects of skincare and hair care. With 68 color images and illustrations, Ellen guides the reader through a range of skincare routines including how to exfoliate properly and the right products to use.
She also provides useful insights into the effects of the sun on the skin and recommends the best sunscreen to use.

This book addresses common skin problems such as acne and how to prevent breakouts. It covers facial rejuvenation treatments and home remedies for the face and neck. It contains exercises that can help tone the face and neck, keeping them firmer and smoother, as well as the right diet for healthy skin. This is a book to be read and reread. I highly recommend this informative book to both men and women of any age.

  • Pages: 210
  • Publisher: BooksGoSocial ( 8 October 2018)