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Knowing You – Samantha Tonge


Knowing You tells the story of Violet, a junior editor who goes through a breakdown following a break up with her boyfriend Lenny over an intimate text she finds on Lenny’s phone from a successful book editor.

Hurt, she gets a new flatmate, Bella, and soon they develop a camaraderie. But Violet’s friends Kath and Farah think she’s not coping very well with the break-up. Kath encourages Violet to seek help.

Though the story was hard to follow, I enjoyed it. The characters were interesting and relatable. Would recommend this book.

  • Pages: 233
  • Publisher: Canelo (14 March 2019)

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The Wormworld Saga Vol. 2 – Daniel Lieske


This is the 2nd volume of The Wormworld Saga.

Raya and Jonas are on a quest to defeat the fire god, Unurtha and save Wormworld. I loved the atmosphere and the scenery while Raya and Jonas were aboard the transport ship.

I thought the gorgeous illustrations of this fantasy world of Jonas and Raya were beautifully rendered. The sunlight filtering through windows, the lush forests and jungles, and stunning vistas easily transport you to this world. Looking forward to the next volume.

At the end of this book, the author includes detailed notes on how he created his subjects and the concepts he employs in rendering his images. Also included are short and interesting stories behind the drawings in Janaka’s mandala.

  • Publisher: (Diamond Book Distributors) October 2018        
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The Adventures of Theodore Poussin – Frank Le Gall


An interesting graphic novel with beautiful illustrations.

The central character in this story is a man named Theodore Poussin who works for a shipping company. One day his boss calls him into his office and announces that he will be embarking on a journey to French Indochina.

The story that follows depicts his adventures during his travels. I enjoyed the story and I really like the style of the illustrations which complemented the story well. I’ll be looking forward to reading more of this series. Highly recommend.

  • Publisher: Europe Comics (12 Sep 2018)