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Philippa’s Farm – Louise Couper


Philippa’s Farm is a humorous novel in an idyllic setting filled with fun, interesting and quirky characters and interesting storylines, my favorite being Agatha, Philippa’s sister and her love affair with gin.
Although Philippa, the main character, comes across as judgmental, one will warm up to her by the end of the book.

The descriptions of rural Ireland and Philippa’s farm were evocative and I was easily transported to this picturesque setting. I loved reading about her short getaway to Aran, her spinning course in Bath, and her two-week vacation in France with her friends.

There are a lot of “laugh-out-loud” scenes throughout, helping to keep the pace. The ending was a bit of a surprise and satisfying. I am looking forward to reading more by this author. Overall, an interesting read and I recommend this book.

  • Pages: 241
  • Publisher: BooksGoSocial (16 October 2012)