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The No-Self Help Book: Forty Reasons to Get Over Your Self and Find Peace of Mind – Kate Gustin

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The No-Self Help Book is crafted to revitalize your life by helping you to discover your inner potential and break free of self-limiting beliefs.

In The No-Self Help book, Kate Gustin helps the reader take the first step in discovering their potential. She starts out by identifying the self which only exists because of the meaning we give to it, and thus hinders us from knowing who we truly are.

The second section is No-self; here the author introduces us to our no-self which we tend to overlook and reveals our true identity underneath the falsehoods of self.

Finally, “To Self or Not to self?” is a section that helps us weigh the costs and benefits associated with maintaining our identity from the self’s standpoint. Using The Effectiveness Test, Kate offers the last keys to unlocking a better path to living our fullest by choosing no-self and letting go of self.

  • Pages: 224
  • Publisher: Non-Duality Press (1 December 2018)