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Malice – Jennifer Jaynes


Dr. Daniel is living the dream life. He has a gorgeous home in Malibu, a dream job as a pediatrician in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, and a gorgeous new wife, Mia, whom he met nine months ago at a bar. Despite his deep distrust of beautiful women, he believes Mia is an exception and is totally smitten with her.

Shortly after he returns from his two-week honeymoon, his boss, Teddy, brings him in on a new vaccine, Respira that has recently been introduced to the market. The manufacturers claim the drug would protect kids from common cold and boost their immune system.

At first, Daniel is not completely sold on the idea of this new drug. But then he considers Teddy’s offer of the possibility of making Daniel partner someday and how this promotion might boost his career and self-image. He reluctantly jumps on board and administers the drug to one of his patients, Suzie Jacobs.
Then things begin to unravel both at Daniel’s home and work, sending his world into an irreversible downward spiral.

This was one hell of a thrilling ride. This book grabbed me from the first page. I read it in one sitting and absolutely enjoyed it. I loved the characters and I thought they were relatable and believable. I sympathized with the main character as he constantly struggled with his decision to drink alcohol; one of two weaknesses that destroyed his father.  He decides a glass or two of Jameson or Chardonnay would not suddenly turn him into his father. I also felt empathy towards the other characters as the book progressed.

Malice is full of twists and turns that I did not see coming. I could not wait to get to the last page to see how everything tied up. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fast-paced mystery thriller that’s bound to give you an adrenaline rush.

  • Pages: 288
  • Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (25 September 2018)