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Christmas With You – Heidi McLaughlin, L.P. Dover, Cindi Madsen, R.J. Prescott, Amy Briggs


Christmas With You is a beautiful collection of five romance stories taking place during the Christmas season in the sleepy town of Friendship, Massachusetts. The stories happen within the same time frame and feature a homeless man named Gabe, who appears in the lives of the main characters at the most opportune time to help them find each other or to rediscover the Christmas magic in their hearts. These feel-good romantic stories are filled with Christmas magic and are guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Snowflake Lane Inn – tells the story of a fashion designer who decides to move to Friendship following a setback in her fashion line. She comes to Friendship for some peace and quiet and in hopes of finding inspiration. Instead, she meets, Colin, the owner of Snowflake Lane Inn and finds Christmas magic and so much more. But what happens when it is time for her to leave?

Runaway Christmas Bride – Regina has escaped to Friendship for Christmas after getting dumped at the altar. En route, she meets Emmett, the town’s sheriff and after a few drinks, she ends up staying at his sister’s. With the countdown to Christmas on, will the sheriff finally listen to his heart and admit he can’t live without Regina? With a little nudge from Gabe, the two realize they are meant for each other and together they find their Christmas magic.

Christmas Lights – Following the death of her parents, Samantha is having a hard time finding joy during the Christmas season. She meets Jason, a single father who is determined to bring some fill her with the joy of the Christmas season. 

Christmas Encounter – Lauren never had a great childhood and she never intended in following in her con-man father’s footsteps. After her encounter with Jensen, a Formula 1 driver, will she make him her next target or will Jensen help her find her Christmas spirit and become a better version of herself?

It’s a Wonderful Holiday – Rory, an investment banker, and his wife, Gwen used to have a happy marriage but now he seems more distant from his wife. With a job, which too often demanded him to put his work first, he has neglected his wife and daughter’s needs and his job takes priority over his family. Will he realize his family must come first before his work and rearrange his priorities before it is too late?

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there’s no forgiveness without love.”

  • Pages: 335
  • Publisher: Forever Books (20 November 2018)
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‘Tis the Season to be Single – Laura Ziepe


This feel-good Christmas story is about three friends who make a pact to remain single until New Year, following disappointments in their relationships.

Rachael has just received a phone call from her boyfriend of three years. He says they need to talk. She wonders what could be so important that her boyfriend would choose to speak to her about it in person. Her friend, Grace tries to assuage her concerns—she thinks he wants to propose to Rachael.
When they finally meet, he tells her he is breaking up with her. Her world is suddenly turned upside down. To make matters worse she discovers her ex-boyfriend has been cheating on her with someone very close to her.

Grace and her husband, Simon, have tried unsuccessfully, to have a child. Lately, her marriage has gone stale: her husband treats her like a doormat. He doesn’t treat her the way he used to when they first met. Whereas he used to be spontaneous and adventurous, now he’s become complacent, not putting any effort and expecting Grace to do all the work. After trying to get her husband to talk about their marriage without success, she decides to take a break from her marriage.

Amber has just returned from her three-week vacation in Thailand and back to work to find her friends, Rachael and Grace, looking gloomy. She isn’t bothered about getting married and couldn’t care less about having children either. Until her best friend, Jack announces to Amber that he’s getting married. Why does this news bother her since they have been nothing more than friends? Or have they?
With Christmas fast approaching, the girls make a pact to remain single until New Year. But can they follow through with it?

‘Tis the Season to be Single is a fresh mix of romance, friendship, love, and family. I really enjoyed this book—it is a light and fun read for the holiday season. The characters are interesting and relatable. I liked how Simon fought to save his marriage when he realized he was going to lose Grace if he didn’t put any effort. Overall an entertaining read and I will read more books from this author.

  • Publisher: HQ Digital (3 October 2018)