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In the Heat of the Moment – Viveca Sten

in the heat.jpeg

In this 5th book in the Sandhamn Murder series, a teenager is murdered during the Midsummer’s Eve celebration. This book can be read as a standalone.


It’s the Midsummer weekend and the islands of Sandhamn are teeming with teenagers who have come from Stockholm to party. The police patrol the place at all times to contain the inebriated crowd and check that everything is going smoothly.

In the early hours of the morning, the body of a sixteen-year-old teenager is discovered dead and hidden in the bushes on an isolated beach. He’s been badly beaten presumably with a blunt object. The island has now become a potential crime scene and is now full of potential suspects including the teenager’s girlfriend and his best friend,

DI Thomas Andreasson and his partner, Margit are called in to investigate, and the police are racing against time to take statements from witnesses before the crowd starts to disperse.

One of the teenagers, Wilma, a fourteen-year-old hasn’t come home from the Midsummer’s Eve party. Her father and girlfriend, Nora are frantic with worry. Nora calls her childhood friend, DI Thomas for help but he is already handling the dead teenager’s case.

Told from multiple POVs, there are a lot of dynamic characters but the story flowed well. The plot kept me hooked from the beginning and I was surprised by the outcome of the book. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a thrilling Scandinavian crime novel.

  • Pages: 414
  • Publisher: AmazonCrossing (4 September 2018)
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Silent Scream – Angela Marsons

silent scream.jpg

This is the 1st book in the “D.I. Kim Stone” series.


When the novel opens in 2004, a group of five gather around a shallow grave to bury a secret.

Forward to the present day, a school principal is found strangled in her bathtub in her home. DI Kim Stone is called in to investigate the murder. During the investigation,  Stone learns that her murder is connected to something darker. 

When a second body turns up, Kim has to stop the murderer before they strike again. She soon discovers that the victims were former employees of a Children’s Home. The now-defunct Home sits on a proposed archaeological site. This site becomes a potential crime scene when excavation reveals the skeletal remains of a young girl. Forensics determine that the girl had been buried for less than a decade.

Could the young girl’s death be connected to the recent string of murders? It is up to Stone to find out. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t want the truth to come out, people who will stop at nothing to protect the secrets of Crestwood.

Kim Stone has easily become one of my favorite fictional characters. She is socially inept, passionate about motorbikes, and though she comes across as rude, one will warm up to her by the end of the book. Her snappy dialogues and dark sense of humor made me chuckle

I enjoyed the interaction between her and her sidekick, Bryant. Despite being polar opposites, their personalities complement each other well.  The other team members, Dawson and Wood are relatable and I’m sure we will get to know more about them in the subsequent Kim Stone series. The entire cast of characters is complex, believable and interesting.

The author did an amazing job of creating vivid scenes and elaborate characters. The tension I felt throughout the book was palpable. There were shocking twists and turns that kept me riveted to the last page, and the ending was mind-blowing. 
Silent Scream is beautifully written and thoroughly captivating. I highly recommend.

Angela Marsons is a talented writer and I will be reading more of her books in the future.

  • Pages: 390
  • Publisher: Bookouture (20 February 2015)