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Christopher Greyson – And Then She Was Gone

and then she was gone.jpg

This book is a prequel to other novels in the Detective Jack Stratton series.


And Then She Was Gone introduces Jack Stratton as a teenager. He plans to enlist in the army so he can pay for college, and fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer.

Everything is going according to plan until financial analyst Stacy Shaw disappears one evening on her way back from work. He doesn’t know her, but he knows Jay Martin, whom the cops arrested after he admitted to finding the woman’s wallet. Although Jack and Jay grew up together as foster kids, but are not on speaking terms, Jack’s former foster mother enlists Jack’s help to prove Jay’s innocence of Stacy’s death.

But then Jack gets way too involved in the investigation. Repeated warnings from Detective Lyle Vargas to stop meddling in his murder investigation does not seem to deter him. He ends up getting caught between cops and criminals.

Jack has an intriguing backstory. Raised in brothels, he was abandoned by his prostitute mother and forced into the foster care system. Jack grows up with rage and is resolute to prove that he is not garbage and that he actually has some worth.

I loved the interaction and banter between Jack and his former foster brother, Chandler. Given Jack’s penchant for getting into trouble, Chandler always finds himself getting caught up too.

This is a well-written story, and the characters are well-developed. I enjoyed watching Jack and Chandler figure out clues, not to mention the mistakes he makes along the way.

I look forward to reading more of Jack’s adventures. 

  • Pages: 309
  • Publisher: Greyson Media (1 October 2016)