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The Insatiables – Brittany Terwilliger


The Insatiables centers on Halley, a young and ambitious woman, who is a level 1 Service Staff in her company. She is desperate to climb the corporate ladder and wants to experience more from life than what she has in Dayton, Ohio. She doesn’t want to remain stuck like the rest of her family.

An opportunity soon presents itself, and she gets selected to go to France as part of a team that will plan and execute a product launch. She almost gives up the most important things in her life for this job.

France is everything she dreamed it would be and at first, Halley seems content living there. Then things begin to escalate from unacceptable to outrageous. Halley then realizes that the promotion she’s been working so hard for may have just cost her a lot. She has to decide whether or not the job is worth the price of her soul.

The Insatiables is a fun, entertaining debut novel and is perfect for an afternoon curled up on a sofa with a hot chocolate. This book is filled with interesting and quirky characters and an interesting storyline. Halley as the main character was well developed and relatable. The descriptions of France were evocative and the rest of the characters were sympathetic, funny and likeable. There were some characters I couldn’t warm up to. Highly recommended.

  • Pages: 338
  • Publisher: Amberjack Publishing (18 September 2018)

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