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The Silent Sister – Shalini Boland

the silent sister.jpg

Lizzy manages a store and lives a quiet and content life in a lovely cottage with her boyfriend, Joe and adorable cat, Frank.

Suddenly, Lizzy starts receiving disturbing letters at her home and the shop. As the threats intensify, she starts to suspect everyone around her including her boyfriend, her friends, her neighbors, and even her estranged sister. She contacts the police but they are no leads. When the threats take a serious turn, and the police fail to move their investigation forward, Lizzy takes matters into her own hands to try to find out who this stalker is

The ending was a total shock and surprise, even after finding out who the stalker was.

This is the second book I’ve read by the author, Shalini Boland. She has become one of my favorite mystery and suspense authors and has a way of writing that keeps you engaged with lots of twists and turns. A must read if you love psychological thrillers.

  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: Bookouture (16 July 2018)


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Bossy Nights – Liv Morris

bossy nights.jpg

This is a love story about a small town girl and an older, sophisticated and sexy millionaire who steals her heart. Alternating between the point of view of Tessa and Barclay, the book is well written and well-paced.

Tessa and Barclay both have an intense attraction to each other despite their age difference. Tessa and Barclay have fallen for each other; everything seems perfect until their individual dreams get in the way. Tessa has landed her dream man and dream job but can she keep both of them?

Tessa was a great character. I loved that she was sassy, smart, and confident to strike out on her own in NYC with no guarantees. Though I found her naivety worrisome. Not to mention the fact that she always relied on her best friend to tell her the ways of the world. I loved Barclay and the fact that underneath his hard exterior lies a sweet, kind, and caring man.

Overall, the story was fantastic. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. It is a fun and quick read that will have you swooning for your own Barclay Hammond.

  • Pages:310
  • Published: 24 July 2018